Major Aspects of Xamarin Mobile App Development

xamarin mobile app

Xamarin has emerged as the top cross-platform app development framework. Xamarin products are used by 1 million developers across 120 countries. It has proved to be a next big thing in mobile app development. The need for mobile development apps has been increased since every world goes digital. Mobile app development has been established as a business and technology solutions.

About Xamarin

The course uses a single language, C# for the creation of all mobile platforms. The cross-platform apps seem to be 100% native on any device. Xamarin cross-platform apps provide better user experience in comparison to generic hybrid apps. This platform has two major products that are being used nowadays- Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android.

Xamarin has made it easy to open the IDE, throwing a bit together, doing a quick bit of testing and submitting to app store.

Program Features

The mobile development app usually carried out at three platforms:

  1. Android
  2. iOS
  3. Microsoft

The developers face the challenge to build the same app on above-mentioned different platforms for different several purposes. The challenge is not economically feasible and always results in operational difficulties.

Duration of Program

Students who have motivation to join the program should have basic knowledge of .NET and C#. The duration of the program is four months commonly and offered by several recognized universities like CCE UPES. On completion of the program, student will become eligible to join as premium app developer.

Why should pursue this program?

Pursuing this course is beneficial for the students as they will get opportunities to explore their career in IT and consulting. Students will get a chance to learn cross-platform application development. It will be rewarding career for the students in India as well as in abroad. The most important feature of this program is that it is delivered by Microsoft and Xamarin certified trainer.

Who should pursue the program?

  • A mobile app developer who has motivation to upgrade to Xamarin platform.
  • A developer who has knowledge of C# and .NET and wishes to utilize the existing skills to build native mobile apps.
  • To enhance career opportunity, a programmer or coder who wish to acquire to Xamarin app development skills.
  • A professional who has programming knowledge and is enthusiastic to build career in app development.

What will you learn after Xamarin Mobile App Development?

  • An individual will get introduced to Xamarin, C# and visual studio.
  • An individual will get introduced to Xamarin forms
  • An individual will learn to style apps in Xamarin forms
  • An individual will learn MVVM and advance xamarin form topics.
  • An individual will learn basics of Android, listviews and navigation in android, advance UI in android.
  • Students will get introduces to IOS.
  • Student will learn integrating mobile apps with cloud & rest apis.
  • Student will learn mobile dev/ops and sample app.

We hope that this blog helps you to under what is Xamarin mobile app development course is all about. Pursuing this course will lead you to a secure career. We wish you all, all the best.


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