PGDM or MBA- What should you Pursue


In this age of bottleneck competition, the students endeavor hard while studying to make their place in this fast-paced corporate culture. Management education seems to be a right choice for the students with any educational background to make their place in a professional environment. As far as management education is concerned, Master’s of Business Administration (MBA) and Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) both are available. The duration of both the courses is usually 2-years (except specialized or executive programmes) and the syllabus is also same. There are the myths buzzing- few say MBA is better and few favor PGDM.

Let’s discuss the aspects about MBA and PGDM so that you get clarity over this.

MBA V/S PGDM- Who is the winner?

There is no major difference between MBA and PGDM. Both the courses are focused towards imparting the management learning and leadership practices. The differences are as below:

  • Degree/ Diploma- MBA is said to be a 2-year degree program whereas after the completion of PGDM, a diploma is conferred to the respective students. However, the PGDM is equivalent to post graduate degree and it is given recognition as a post graduation in various public and private sectors.
  • Duration- The duration of an MBA programme is always 2 years (except Executive MBA program). On the other hand, the PGDM course can be either of one year or of two years. The duration of PGDM varies in different b-schools.
  • Focus- The core subjects are common in both the programmes. However, if experts are believed then MBA is more inclined towards theoretical aspects where PGDM is more on the practical side. Hence, PGDM lets you learn more industry-oriented and job-ready skills.
  • Fee Structure- If we talk about the costs, the PGDM course fees and the cost of MBA solely depend on the institute. There are few colleges that charge way higher fee for MBA or PGDM and the level of education is not at par. On the other hand, there are b-schools which is the best PGDM colleges in Dehradun and offers PGDM at very reasonable fee in association with a government university.

Now the above comparison PGDM course fees, syllabus, focus of study etc. can help you choose the right program for you. Whether you choose PGDM or go for an MBA degree, the pivotal thing is the choice of college you make. Be it MBA or PGDM, the good quality education is the prime thing that matters the most.

Choosing the wrong college may result into a spoiled career whereas a right choice of college will ensure your bright future. The institutions that have government affiliations are more credible in terms of the degree recognition, job placement, and exact knowledge of management & leadership. Hence, all the students who are pulling their socks for management education need to be careful for the selection of college- be it MBA or PGDM, both the course are equally important for career growth.


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